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Richard Armitage and Sarah Wayne Callies 

Yahoo Canada Interview August 4th 2014

I’m getting you out of here.
-That’s impossible.
Not if you designed the place, it isn’t.
PRISON BREAK, 1.01 Pilot (aired August 29th, 2005)

Prison Break meme - [1/2] places
"The ocean is your front yard!"

“Season one, Wentworth and I were doing a scene in the infirmary and he was just waking up and coming to on this table. He says something like, ‘What happened?’ and I had to say the words, ‘We had to perform a procedure.’ But something about the way he was looking at me and because the words just sounded ridiculous — I tried not to laugh and I tried not to smile, but Wentworth could see the corners of my mouth going and then the corners of his mouth went and then we would burst out laughing. For maybe an hour we could not get this scene done because we were laughing so hard. I’d be willing to bet if you watched the video frame by frame you can probably see us trying really hard not to laugh. To this day I can’t say those words without laughing.” - Sarah Wayne Callies recalls her favorite moments from her show-stopping TV roles [x]

PRISON BREAK Favorite Characters: Sara Tancredi
"The first thing they tell you when you take the job is never to fall in love with an inmate."